My First Night in San Francisco

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(Written 1/30/12)

On the BART overlooking this beautiful city and mountains, San Francisco first started out as a challenge. Thank you so much to Amber Kennedy for the ride here, as well as the oncoming challenge and faith that I will pull through yet another one of the Universe’s tests. Pulling up to Hostelling International, I sat outside trying to figure out my situation. At first with credit card declining and unable to take the card over the phone… the Universe reached out her arms and with one more try, the transaction went through, giving me my own room for a night. Costly but life saving, the deskmen were overly hospitable, sympathizing with my situation and putting a smile on my face. Met a few people as well, one from Spain that immediately pointed out, “are you a DJ?” I guess I can’t get away with that anywhere can I?

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