Exhibbit 3D Online Gallery Rentals for Artists

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Artist Janis N. Senungetuk has a show of her digital photographic art prints, from her Garden of Light series, in the 3D virtual Tiri gallery on the Exhibbit site. All her images are available and ready to ship to buyers. Janis says that the Exhibbit show occurred by chance. This past December Exhibbit posted a contest on Facebook and Janis won a 12 month rental of the Tiri gallery space on the site. Here is a gallery view of her virtual exhibition–

View the entire show here.
This second Exhibbit gallery view is of a virtual exhibition of paintings by Andrew Weis–

“From artists struggling to get their work noticed, to galleries with too many works and not enough wall space, exhibbit provides a stunningly realistic solution” says exhibbit.com CEO Peter Worrall. “An exhibbit show can be embedded into an email or website, shared via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media…

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