Day 24: Google Photography Prize

Mary Catherine Bedard

Today is the first, and hopefully last, day that I break my rules. I’m still pretty sick, and so when I did wake up at 5pm I found myself with no time left to venture outside (as if feeling terrible wasn’t enough). Additionally, today was the last day to submit an entry for the Google Photography Prize. Thus, my evening was spent going through photos, doing some last minute editing, and trying to select the eight that I wanted to use as my submission. I always have an awfully hard time choosing. So it is now 2am, I have Advanced Biochemistry lecture at 8am, but I don’t want to skip the day entirely. So, here is my selection for the competition in lieu of a new photograph for today.

View of El Panecillo from southern Quito

Taken during a ten mile canoe trip along Assateague Island to the campsite 

Bullfight during Fiestas…

Lihat pos aslinya 64 kata lagi