Beware: HAT! / Cuidado: Gorro!


What’s socially expected can categorize some things as mandatory, even in fashion, and it all depends on the context. For instance, hats where mandatory up until the 30s, and now they are practically regarded as a sign of rebellion, unless in a specific event such as the Kentucky Derby. What gives it that meaning cannot be the hat in itself then, but the viewpoint of the beholder that supports or is horrified by the use of a certain rag.

Of course, once more I am driven to ask the same question: What could possibly matter to someone what others wear (moreover strangers)? However, and sadly, a lot. That insecurity paralyzes them, and if it was a mere glance, then it would be less harmful for the wearer and for the nosey eyes. What’s really upsetting is that all that energy put into judging others, could very well be invested in…

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